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Another Shania Concert
Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015 9:12 AM

I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back home after visiting my parents for the weekend. And I only cried for like two minutes saying goodbye, which is a new record.

Back in March or so, I bought tickets to see Shania Twain and when all this happened about me moving away I was pretty worried I'd miss the concert, but my parents and sister flew me out this weekend so I could go.

I took my mom as a present for her since she gave birth to me 23 years ago, and she enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as well. Except that's really an understatement. I teared up as usual when she came out on stage. The show was great. My mom cried when she sang "you're still the one" since that song reminds her a lot of her and my dad and their marriage.

I guess things have been pretty rough between them lately, according to my sister. There's a lot of stress with my dad's mom who has basically gone crazy in so many different ways, but they're dealing with it.

It was a strange feeling "visiting home" and I'm not really sure exactly how I feel about it. But I thought my flight was an hour earlier than it actually is so I'm sitting in the terminal with a bunch of time to kill so I thought I'd update again.

I'll eventually update more about my service year when I get home and whatnot.

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